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The Bean Master is literally a Mobile Cafe that comes to you with an experienced Barista making and serving hot café-style beverages from the back of a custom-built van or Trailer or Corporate Coffee Carts.

From Monday to Friday 5.15am-9.00am The Bean Master can be found at our Drive Thru coffee site at Fort Knox in Eltham where we aim at serving the finest Espresso coffee each time you visit Eftpos and text ordering is available.

(Serving only the Finest Coffee from our Supplier

House Of Hendrix Coffee Roasters)

We still have spots available during the week for corporate events workplace meetings and school sports carnivals.

On weekends,The Bean Master will cater for functions of all kinds including school fetes, festivals, parties, school and sporting events and private functions . The Bean Master simply sets up like a mini-café, with the ability to operate anywhere (Melbourne and Surrounding areas) and anytime.



Cappuccino    – espresso shot, steamed milk, a thick layer of froth & dusted with chocolate
Flat White      – espresso shot, steamed milk, with virtually no froth  
Café Latte      – espresso shot, steamed milk & a dollop of froth    
Café Mocha   – espresso shot infused with chocolate, steamed milk & a dollop of froth  
Espresso       – an intense shot of espresso coffee  
Long Black     – espresso shot & hot water   
Macchiato      – espresso shot, a dash of milk & a dollop of froth 
Hot Chocolate – rich chocolate, steamed milk, a thin layer of froth & dusted with chocolate
Chai Latte      – spicy vanilla & cinnamon, steamed milk, froth & dusted with cinnamon 

Fresh Selection of Biscuits and Muffins,donuts and Banana bread and slices. (Glenroy Bakery)

 Slushie Machine Avaialable on Request